Journey to the “Altiplano” and Badlands

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8 days/ 7 nights

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Granada - Granada

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minimum 2 travellers

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595 €

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Way back in prehistory, the first European men lived next to a huge lake surrounded by lofty mountains. What was the lake-bed is now the altiplano (high plateau) of Granada. We propose a route into this unspoilt, surprising, welcoming land.

We set out from Granada and make for the mountains, following the Aguas Blancas River to the east, past the villages of La Peza and Lugros to the Marquesado del Cenete. This is a broad plain flanked by Sierra Nevada and the Baza mountains, the natural pass to Almería in the east. Our first stage finishes in La Calahorra (a small village at the foot of a romantic castle). Then the Baza mountains await, with high limestone peaks known as “calares”, and beyond them the town of Baza.

After Baza and the huge Negratín reservoir you then ride a strange semi-desert lunar landscape with unique light, known as the “badlands”. Here you will find a plethora of sandy riverbeds (mainly dry apart from during the heavy rains) that form a labyrinth, home to aromatic plants. Beyond this you come to an immense high plateau, dotted with large holm-oaks trees and fields of cereals. Here you begin to come across megalithic dolmens, the silent witnesses to the beliefs and customs of our prehistoric ancestors -this was one of the first parts of Europe to be settled by man- and you soon arrive in the village of Gorafe.

From there to Guadix (or Acci as its was known in Roman times), and then to Granada once more, crossing the beautiful Huetor Mountains Nature Reserve. You arrive riding through the famous gypsy neighbourhood of Sacromonte, as the sun sets over Granada.

Enjoy the comfort of cave-houses, unique and varied cuisine, surprising landscapes with stunning contrasts, a magical hotel mid-journey, where mint tea, Arab baths and the scent of jasmine will ease your body and mind.

Granada - arrival

Granada – arrival

Arrival to Granada by public bus from Málaga airport , it takes only about 2 hours. You can also ask for a private transfer. Warm welcome at a charming hotel (***) in the historical centre of Granada. And in the evening have some drinks in one of the many little bars, and you'll be invited to the tapas!  

Granada - La Calahorra (60 km)

Granada – La Calahorra (60 km)

We head eastwards, passing villages such as La Peza, Lugros and Cogollos de Guadix, to get to the Marquesado del Cenete region. Passing the mountain town of Jerez del Marquesado and the Alquife mining area we arrive at La Calahorra a small village with a beautiful castle from the beginning of the 16th century, built on the site of a former Moorish fortification. This castle is a singular building not only for its aspect and location, which make it the most characteristic element in the landscape of El Marquesado, but also for the originality of its conception and execution. You will sleep at the foot of the castle.

La Calahorra - Baza (73 km)

La Calahorra – Baza (73 km)

We cross the Marquesado plain, to cross the Baza Mountains south to north through its very centre. We then head down from its high limestone peaks to the town of Baza. A bit further we will stop to sleep in  a very singular accommodation: a cave-hotel! After this long cycling route you can relax and have an Arab bath (hammam) before dinner...

Baza (12 km)

Baza (12 km)

The day begins in the age-old city of Baza, set deep in the Baza and Guadix geological depression, surrounded by spectacular scenery between mountains cut through by rivers. On this ride we will get to know the old town of Baza with its rich historic/cultural heritage (arab baths, typical balconies, ancient meat markets, etc.)

Baza - Gorafe (40 km)

Baza – Gorafe (40 km)

We continue in a north-easterly direction towards the village of Freila. We cross the arid 'badlands' and arrive at a high plateau, dotted with large holm-oaks and fields of cereal crops. Riding over landscapes marked by megalithic dolmens, we arrive at Gorafe in dizzy descent.

Gorafe - Graena (40 km)

Gorafe – Graena (40 km)

Heading out of Gorafe along a narrow valley running parallel to the river Gor, we arrive at the Alicún de las Torres' Spa. From there we follow the course of the river, Fardes, with its colourful and luxuriant poplar groves, to Guadix. After a short visit of this ancient city, full of cave houses, we head toward the small village Graena.

Graena - Granada (56 km)

Graena – Granada (56 km)

Ride across the entire Huetor Mountains Nature Reserve, marvelling at its dolomite peaks, passing through delightful spots such as Prado Negro (Black Meadow). On a long descent from the mountains, you get first to the Sacromonte Abbey, with its beautiful view of the Alhambra and then to the heart of Granada.

Granada, end of journey

Granada, end of journey

After breakfast ends this short break or long weekend in Granada. Maybe you still have some time to stroll through the Alcaicería, full of little Arab shops and souvenirs before returning home.

Accommodation with breakfast


7 nights

Information on the trip


Hammam baths


1,5 hours

Baths of at least one hour (arab style with hot and cold water). You can add relaxing massage.

Luggage transport


Services not included

Bike rental with delivery

Not Included


6 days

Ticket to the Alhambra

Not Included


Entry ticket to visit Alhambra and Generalife, including visit to Alcazaba (fortress), Palacios Nazaries (winter Nasrid palaces) and Generalife gardens (summer palace). We need your full name and passport number to buy the tickets

Extra night at departure point

Not Included


1 night

Optional service consisting of one night of accommodation in addition to those normally offered, always immediately preceeding the beginning of the programmed tour offered by Otros Caminos S.L. It includes cyclists' breakfast. Price is per person based on two people sharing a double room.

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