5 reasons to travel to Andalusia in November

5 reasons to travel to Andalusia in November

There are some very good reasons to travel to Andalusia in November, especially for hikers and cyclist. Let me tell you 5 reasons:

  1. In November you can still enjoy the autumn sun and warmth in Andalasia!
  2. The climate in this month is normally very good to be active, it is actually perfect for cycling and hiking
  3. In November you can also see the farmers harvesting the olives, which is another charm of the countryside.
  4. It is different to travel in November, as there are less tourist everywhere, you can experience more the normal Andalusian life in the cities.
  5. Travelling in November also means people have more time for you, and they are happy with your arrival!


So, tell me, why should you not travel to Andalusia this November?

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  1. Katie - 13 de November de 2022

    We absolutely loved our Pueblos Blancos tour which started late October and ended early November. The weather was idea for biking and touring. Everything about our trip was marvelous! Once in a lifetime experience!

    Thank you Sandra and Ortos Caminos!

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