Charming accommodations

    For Otros Caminos hospitality is an art and an attitude. We look for charming places in environments full of harmony and beauty, and we value the availability of an honest home-prepared cuisine based on regional dishes and especially using quality local and seasonal ingredients. Small to medium establishments (Bed & Breakfast, small hotels, rural cottages … ) rooted in the territory , and committed to the conservation of the landscape, heritage and unique traditions of its people. Also, we ensure their sensitivity to the environment and we are interested in how to optimize the use of resources and avoid all possible contamination. Of course, the comfort and cleanliness of their rooms is important, but also a a warm welcome and a host with affection and hospitality. A host who loves both silence and good music or leisurely gathering. Host of Otros Caminos. Feel free to let us know what you think about them!

    Galery of pictures of some charming accommodations:

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