Bikes: size, model, servicing

We use the following brands: Bergamont 29”, GT and Commenzal 26″ equipped with Shimano Deore o Deore LX-XT, disc-brake and front suspension with 27 or 24 speeds. The Bergamont has Alloy superlite tubing framework, front gears 42/32/22T, rear 11-32T, hydraulic discbreak, 14 kg weight. For full tecnical details of Bergamont bike see www.bergamont.de/bikes/archiv/2013/revox-33/

The bike has a pannier rack, so you can bring your own pannier, or rent a pannier with us. We provide a kilometer counter and a repair kit with the bike. On request you can rent also a helmet and water bottle.

We will always ask you for your height so as to provide you the appropriate bike. We have various sizes from Small to X-Large.

Our bicycles are thoroughly serviced by a professional bike shop before rental. Normally the bike is delivered at the start point of the route, or in the first accommodation, or can be collected at the nearest bike shop. You can bring your own saddle or Shimano pedals if you like, tell us beforehand so we will deliver the bike already without the pedals and give you the right tool. Bici_Bergamont

Tipo de bicicleta para los viajes en Andalucía

Rental bike Andalusia

What is the best time to travel to Andalusia?

For both hiking and cycling the best time is spring (March to June) and autumn (September to November), although winter can also be very nice if you come prepared (it gets dark around 18 and nights can be cold in the mountains, but generally nice sunny weather during the day).

Andalusia is Spain’s warmest region. It has average yearly temperatures of 17ºC, around 600mm of rainfall and some 3,000 hours of sunshine, with long, hot summers and short, mild winters. But of course it depends at what altitude you are cycling or hiking…Sierra Nevada for example has a truly high-mountain climate.

How to book a tour?

Easy, write us an e-mail (info@otroscaminos.com) with the tour you like to book, the date you want to start, and also the number of persons to include and theoptional services you wish to contract.

You can alsos call us at +34-958-291893

What are the opening hours in Andalusia?

Normally stores open around 09.00–10.00 and close for lunch and siesta around 13.30–14.00. All restaurants are open for the typical hot, copious lunch with wine or beer until 16.00. At 17.00–17.30 the stores open again until 20.30–21.00, although a few stores stay open all day (normally the bigger supermarkets).

Banks open from 08.30 until 14.00, and there are always many ATM’s in towns and cities and also often in villages. In Spain the currency is euro.