Otros Caminos: the travel specialist in Andalusia for hiking and cycling

“When you set out on your journey to Ithaca, pray that the road is long, full of adventure, full of knowledge…”

(fragment of the poem Ithaca, written by C.P. Cavafy)

Just like Cavafy, the Alexandrian poet who felt both Eastern and deeply Greco-Roman, for us the journey is one of the passions that most sets man apart. Walk, ride, discover towns and villages, cross forests, explore coastlines, learn from local people, share customs and traditions…

We love to travel

But on different routes. Hence the name of our project (“Otros Caminos” – Different Routes), designed for all those who feel free when they travel. The important things for us are the journey, the excitement, the sensations, those small details, without rushing, without too many plans… and the trip is our wonderful excuse, our own private Itaca. Our only challenges are experience, co-existence, and, through its immense diversity and complexity, to discover the unity and moving simplicity of mankind and nature, its history and its culture.


Our itineraries are inspired by ancient trails and by the illustrious travellers who once explored them. They are inspired by nature, by the history and culture of a small piece of the world which itself contains many different worlds: Andalusia. We invite travellers to come off the tarmac and get on their bikes or sling their rucksacks to share a unique and vital experience. On the way, we aim to show that economic progress and an improved quality of life in our villages are possible without causing any damage to tradition, identity or environment.

On foot or by bike

Our tours run on different routes: trails, old cattle routes, the remains of Roman roads, forest tracks, old, disused roads… They carry us all over Andalusia, on foot or by bike, from one village to the next, crossing regions and exploring nature reserves. On this website we present you with a different kind of journey, on different routes through Andalusia, discovering its heritage on foot or by bike.

On your own way

And these tours are just a small example. The only limit is your imagination. We have documented more than 5,000 kilometers of interconnected routes so that you can design your own journey (region, stages, difficulty, by bike or on foot…).

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