Terms and conditions of services


General recommendation: Due to the landscape and the type of activity, we recommend that you always travel in company. Apart from getting the best price, your experience will be more rewarding and safer if you travel in a group of two or more people. The following information about services can apply to services offered in combined tours of the “guided” type, designed for groups guided by professional guides working for Otros Caminos S.L. and set for a specific date; to those offered in the “self-guided” type, designed to be carried out under the client’s own steam and that of a small number of companions within a broad range of possible dates within the year; and to both.


Self-guided tours include a minimum of information which permits the client to follow the route around which his/her tour has been designed. This could consist of a guide book, or route guide containing instructions by which to follow the route and descriptive or narrative information about the tour; or a simple “routometre” (terrain guide): a description, illustrated where possible, of all the directions to follow in every place that could present doubts as to the correct path, as well as norms to follow to clear up any doubts in the absence of a specific instruction.
Depending on each tour and its level of difficulty in terms of orientation and terrain, the information could also include one or more maps or sketches at an appropriate scale.
Also it will contain basic information to help the client enjoy the tour at the end of each day’s activity (biking, hiking etc.), such as: timetables, restaurants, visits, alternative excursions etc.
Optionally, there may be navigation information available to download to the client’s GPS receiver.



Whenever possible on our tours, whether guided or self-guided, we use welcoming accommodation with a personal service offering a good level of comfort (heating, hot water, bar/restaurant, etc.) and quality cuisine (based especially on traditional regional cooking). Where the possibility exists we also choose establishments with architectural interest, which fit in with their surroundings (converted farmhouses, cave houses, refurbished mills, country houses and rural lodges, etc.), and, again wherever available, we use accommodation offering services related to the cultural and adventurous spirit of the routes (thermal baths and massages, cultural entertainment, etc.).

Given that tours designed by Otros Caminos tend to run through rural areas, the client/traveller should accept that occasionally it may not be possible to choose exactly type or style of accommodation ideally desired. In any case, the minimum services of any establishment should include:

  • Bathroom with standard facilities including bath or shower
  • Heating and hot water
  • Restaurant/Cafeteria facilities within the establishment or close by within the village (500m from hotel)
  • Beds with clean sheets and warm blankets

Accommodation is usually included in the price of the tour. Where any price of accommodation appears, it is based on two people sharing a double room.


There are two types of board available, depending on the tour and the services offered by establishments in the area.

Accommodation with “cyclist’s” breakfast: Consisting of accommodation in double room in hotels or country houses equivalent to a local ** or *** rating, including breakfast with: fruit juice, coffee, tea or hot chocolate, toast, fresh fruit, cereal and yoghurt.

Accommodation with half board: Accommodation with “cyclist’s” breakfast and dinner in the hotel or country lodge, consisting of a quality set menu, preferably offering regional specialities of the season, including two courses, bread dessert and drink (wine, beer, or soft drink). Any additional orders or changes to drinks will be paid for by the customer.
Supplement for individual occupation: Wherever possible on the tour in question, travellers may request a single room paying the corresponding supplement.


Apart from the aforementioned services, the following are also available on Otros Caminos tours:


Consisting of a picnic to be enjoyed en route by travellers, usually containing: Fresh fruit, Carbohydrate-rich food (pasta, rice, etc.), protein-rich food (omelettes, cold or cured meats, etc.) energy-rich food (biscuits, cakes, chocolate, energy bars, dried fruit etc.) and drinks (fruit juices/soft drinks). Depending on logistics there may also be hot drinks such as tea or soup available. In some cases local wines will also be available in reasonable quantities. Alternatively the midday meal may consist of a home-style lunch (set menu) in a restaurant or inn en route.


Dinner organized bearing in mind the physical exertions of participants during the day, to be held in a restaurant , inn or hotel based on a gastronomic set menu preferably taking in seasonal regional specialities and including two courses, bread, dessert and drink (wine, beer, or soft drink). In case of complaint or dissatisfaction, the traveller should ask for the official complaints form in the establishment and send a copy of the completed form to Otros Caminos S.L.


This service consists of transport of the traveller’s luggage between the accommodation at the end of one stage to that of the next, as defined in the tours including this service or in those where it is offered as an option. The traveller should have his/her luggage ready for collection before 10 am at the accommodation from where the stage begins, and Otros Caminos will have the luggage ready in the following accommodation as specified in the itinerary by 4 pm of the same day.

Money, credit cards, personal/identity documents, travel tickets/vouchers etc., or indeed anything which could impede the normal continuation of the trip must not be included in luggage to transport. Otros Caminos S.L. takes no responsibility in the case that this instruction is not followed. Furthermore, the traveller should advise the company if carrying anything fragile and wrap it appropriately. He/she should also advise if transporting valuable objects which he/she cannot carry with him/her.

The price for this service may vary from one tour to another, whether it is an optional or included service, according to variables such as stage distance, level of communications between the two points, etc.
Otros Caminos S.L. recommends that travellers take out a travel insurance policy covering luggage.

If luggage fails to arrive at the agreed time for reasons outside the control of Otros Caminos S.L., due to interruption in communications through bad weather, serious technical problems with means of transport, etc, we will, in agreement with the traveller, try to find suitable alternatives and to send the luggage on with the least delay technically possible.


This is comprised of one or more telephone numbers that the traveller may call between 9 am and 7 pm to obtain complementary information or to request help of any type that may be available en route at that time. This telephone number will be operated by employees or collaborators of the company, with sufficient knowledge of the route in question and who are who are in a position to organize support for the traveller(s). In the case of requiring said support, the traveller will be responsible for the cost implied by organizing such support (4X4 vehicle or taxi to pick up traveller(s), etc.)


This service consists of transport by scheduled services or private transport (taxi, minibus, etc.) between the traveller’s arrival point and the departure point of the tour, or between the end of the tour and the traveller’s point of return. The price will depend on the type of transport and on the length of the journey. See specific conditions for each tour.


Self-guided tours: This is an optional service consisting of a guide employed by Otros Caminos S.L. to guide a group of travellers who have booked a self-guided tour, on the itinerary identified on said tour. A minimum number of 6 clients are required, and a maximum of 8. The guide will be trained to carry out first aid in case of accidents and will also have knowledge of cycle mechanics.

Guided group tours: This is a service included in guided group tours organized by Otros Caminos S.L. and consists of the presence of between 1 and 3 guides, depending on the size of the group (8-18 people), during the tour. Apart from guiding the group, he/she/they also assume the responsibility of taking decisions in the field should any unforeseen circumstances occur. At least one of the guides will be fully trained in first aid and at least one other in cycle mechanics. Given that he/she/they are responsible for the group, no participants should ride/walk ahead of the front guide, nor should they fail to comply with the regulations for guided tours.


This service consists of a vehicle to provide support for a group. This vehicle could be a 4×4, car or van, depending on the logistics dictated by the itinerary in question, the number of participants, etc. Among others things, the support vehicle will serve to: transport luggage and food and pick up travellers who for any reason cannot continue cycling.


This consists of a contract of hire for a specific bicycle in perfect state of repair for use on routes either over tarmac or cross-country, between Otros Caminos S.L. and the client/traveller for a number of days depending on the tour in question. As a general rule, the bike will be handed over at the registered office of Otros Caminos S.L. with the following equipment: luggage rack to support maximum 10 kg of luggage, pump, spare inner tube and puncture repair kit, 2 water bottles and multipurpose minitool.

The contract of hire presupposes total responsibility for the care and maintenance of the bicycle and its equipment on the part of the client/traveller, and he/she should return it in the same state in which it was received.
This may be a service included in the price of a tour or an optional complementary service. In the latter case, the price includes the cost of transporting the bicycle to the point of departure of the route, provided that the trip is of a minimum duration of 6 days and that a minimum of 2 bicycles are delivered at the same time (i.e. when the reservation is made for 2 or more people).


For trips of less than 6 days’ duration by bike or for one single person, the traveller(s) who want to have the bike delivered to the departure point of the route should purchase this delivery service additionally.


This consists of a rental contract for a specific GPS receiver in perfect state of repair, for use on routes either over tarmac or cross-country, between Otros Caminos S.L. and the client/traveller for a number of days depending on the tour in question. The purchase of this service supposes that the user has sufficient knowledge of the working of the apparatus, or that he also purchases the complementary “quick GPS navigation course”. As a general rule, the GPS receiver will be handed over at the registered office of Otros Caminos S.L. with the appropriate navigation files preloaded. The hire contract also supposes that the traveller agrees to the conditions of use of said information.

This may be a service included in the price of a tour or an optional complementary service. In the former case, the price includes the cost of transporting the apparatus to the point of departure of the route, as well as a short (15 mins approx.) explanation of how to use it. In the latter case, the price includes delivery of the apparatus to the departure point only if the client has also purchased either the “quick GPS navigation course” or has hired a bicycle under terms which include (either as standard or additional service) the delivery of the bicycle to the departure point of the route.

a. Additional service: delivery of GPS receiver to departure point of the route: This implies GPS hire in the first instance. It consists of the delivery of the GPS apparatus to the departure point of the tour purchased. Note: : For long journeys, the GPS apparatus must be complemented by a pocket computer (PDA) for storing data.


This consists of a quick course (2-3 hours) about how to use a GPS receiver (whether owned by the client or hired from Otros Caminos S.L.) to navigate the tour purchased. This course will include a minimum of 45 mins. of practice on the bike or on foot (depending the type of tour).


For long journeys and clients who do not know how GPS navigation works. This includes GPS hire and the quick GPS navigation course which will be given at the departure point of the route or in another place agreed between Otros Caminos and the client.


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