Hiking through the Grazalema Nature Park

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Six days hiking through spectacular scenery between the provinces of Malaga and Cadiz, covering rugged mountains and forests unique in Europe, while the sun shines down like God’s fingers through magical broken cloud…

Not in vain might Grazalema mean “farmstead of peace”. On this journey we will discover a hidden corner of our world, home to silence and serenity. We will see the famous “Pinsapo” (Spanish Fir tree) forests, covering the hills or clinging to mountainsides – a species unique to this area, descendent of the central European pines that arrived here in the glacial era. That is not all. We will also see holm-oak, cork, blackthorn, gall-oak and carob and depending on the season, gorse, thyme, lavender, salvia, peony, mountain clove or “Grazalema poppy” (unique to this reserve) in flower.

Walking on varied trails we will get to know the names of the mountains that make up the Grazalema range (like Zafalgar, El Pinar, Endrinal, Líbar), visiting peaks and caves, home to underground rivers that are the life-blood of these limestone formations.

From our very first steps we will envy the inhabitants of villages like Benamahoma, Montejaque or Villaluenga del Rosario with their long history and welcoming Moorish architecture. As the vultures circle above, we will discover their secret, which is no more than the knowledge of how to live a different kind of existence.

During this journey you will see the Reserve’s special flora and fauna and its impressive geology (like Republicano peak and Pileta cave, home to important prehistoric finds). You will also visit beautiful villages with their Moorish architecture and, of course, the charming city of Ronda.

Arrival Grazalema

Arrival Grazalema

From the airport of Malaga you can take a bus direct to Grazalema, or first to Ronda and then continue by taxi to beautiful mountain village Grazalema. At your hotel you will find at reception an envelope with the hiking map of Grazalema, the vouchers for the hotels, and the city map of Ronda.  If you have arrived early enough, you can have a stroll through this charming village. It is interesting to see its typical streets, the viewpoints, the Roman fountain...  

Grazalema, circular route

Grazalema, circular route

A taxi will bring you after breakfast to the mountain village of Grazalema. This circular route takes you to the heart of the nearby Sierra del Endrinal. The remains of shepherds’ refuges (huts and corrals) tell you about the importance that stockbreeding has had (and still has) in this region, an activity that stands out in the cheese made of the milk obtained from the local payoya sheep breed. You will slowly climb to the Puerto de las Presillas (1250 meters altitude) and continue to the the Boyar viewpoint where you will be able to enjoy marvelous views of the mountains and see the ionic Salto del Cabrero. Later you can have a stroll through the charming village of Grazalema. It is interesting to see its typical streets, the viewpoints, the Roman fountain... and the little shops where they sell the typical goat cheese. Buy already your picnic for tomorrow!  

Grazalema-Benamahoma through the Pinsapar forest (14 km)

Grazalema-Benamahoma through the Pinsapar forest (14 km)

The “Pinsapo” (Spanish Fir) is a species of fir native to southern Spain and Morocco. It only grows on relatively humid and northern slopes at an altitude of 1000-1800 meters. These specific circumstances can be found on the northern slopes of the Sierra del Pinar, where a small wood of Pinsapos covers some 400 hectares. You will explore the famous Spanish Fir Forest of Grazalema, a protected area within the Natural Park, requiring a permit to get in. If getting the permit for this day was not possible (only 80 persons a day can enter), the hike can be swapped with the circular route of day 2. On the hike through the Pinsapar you will follow the ancient trail that connects Benamahoma and Grazalema, beneath towering trees, more than 40 meters high. You climb to the Cumbres Mountains, with spectacular views of Grazalema and Ronda, and mountains as a distant backdrop. From Benamahoma you go back to Grazalema by bus or taxi (taxi to be arranged by the hotel).  

Grazalema-Benaocaz-Villaluenga del Rosario (11-16 km)

Grazalema-Benaocaz-Villaluenga del Rosario (11-16 km)

This route takes you along the famous “Salto del Cabrero” (Goatherd’s Jump). The Salto del Cabrero is one of the most outstanding typographic forms of the mountains: a fault with two peaks that look alike, as if they were twins. The impressive vertical walls exceed 80 m in height and are separated by a gorge of only 50 m. You also may see some big birds with wide wings and a short, square tail circulating high. Without any doubt it is a griffon vulture that takes advantage of the cornice and the cracks of the cliffs that the Salto del Cabrero offers for nesting. At the end of the route you come to the white village Benaocaz where you can have a drink, before taking the bus to Villalengua del Rosario (which only takes 10 minutes) or you can continue walking along the GR-7 trail to the next village (about 1,5 hour). Ascent: 240m Descent: 475m  

Villaluenga del Rosario-Montejaque (19 km)

Villaluenga del Rosario-Montejaque (19 km)

Today is a long walking day. We continue walking through impressive limestone rock formations, including the Sima del Republicano. In this beautiful landscape of Holm oaks, you may even see the Iberian pig, a race you only find in Spain, looking for acorns under the holm oaks! Where they slowly fatten to later make the best Spanish Ham (Jamon Iberico). Later you get to the Líbar plains, hiking gently over this deserted landscape to the white village Montejaque. (6 hours, 230m ascent, 400m descent)

Montejaque - circular route (15-19 km)

Montejaque – circular route (15-19 km)

Today you make a route in the surroundings of Montejaque. You first head down to the station of Benaoján from where you take the beautiful Royal Cattle Track “Campo del Gibraltar” along the river Guadiaro to Jimera de Líbar. Here you can have lunch in a good restaurant beside the train station before returning by train (in only 8 minutes)  to the station of Benaoján. From the station of Benaoján you can reach the impressive Cueva del Gato walking (half an hour) before walking back to Montejaque. (Walking time: 4-5hours, Distance: 15-19 km, Ascent: 260m and Descent: 380m)

Montejaque - Ronda (11 km)

Montejaque – Ronda (11 km)

Today is a gentle hike along the ancient Ronda trail that connects the two villages. The landscape here is a mixture of wild and tame, with big, old trees (such as Carobs and Cork), arable land, wild flowers…to finally come out at the bottom of Ronda’s gorge and climb from here to the town´s new bridge. In the afternoon you can visit the many highlights of Ronda. This is probably the town that best conserves the romantic heritage described in the journals and drawings of so many 18th Century travellers. Not to be missed are her Moorish and classical architecture, palaces and monuments, her bridges, bullring, her tapas bars, Moorish baths, etc. (Walking time: 3-4 hours, Distance: 11 km, Ascent: 350m and Descent: 300m)

Ronda, end of the journey

Ronda, end of the journey

If you have not booked an extra night, your the journey will have come to an end and from here you return by bus (2 hours) to Málaga airport.

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