Private olive oil tour (organic farm, mill, trees and tasting!)

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1 day

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Niguelas, nearby Granada - Niguelas, nearby Granada

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min 2

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70 €

Olives & Olive oil at organic farm

When we talk about ecological, organic olive oil, we consider the best environmental practices that adjust to the possibilities of the land. Organic olive oil comes from organically grown and certified olives that are cultivated differently than traditional ones. During cultivation, no pesticides or herbicides are allowed to be used to help the growth. Olive trees go through the process of natural fertilization, which means that compost or manure fertilizers are used.

Andalusia is the world’s largest producer of olive oil and its flavour is basic to the region’s cooking. Starting at breakfast, when toasted bread is drizzled in virgin oil to eat with morning coffee. Since ancient times, the olive has been one of the finest examples of recycling and respect for nature. Each by-product can be used; the wood from the tree, the leaves, the fruit and the actual extract itself. Andalusia boasts one of the most important olive crops in the world. Estimated at providing more than seventy million workdays, nowadays it is widely accepted that this region produces 20% of the world’s total olive oil production.

Would you like to know more about this “golden liquid”?

We offer you a visit to an organic olive farm nearby Granada!

About 35 minutes’ ride from Granada in the Lecrin valley, at the foot of Sierra Nevada, we find the small village of Niguelas. Here your guide José will wait for you, and he will bring you to  an ancient olive oil mill, one of the oldest and best preserved in southern Europe! This mill was in operation from the 15th century until the second decade of the 20th century. Here the traditional machinery is exhibited, and it is a good example of the different types of mills that have been used throughout history. You will see a Roman mill which was powered by animals who turned it anticlockwise, and the the mill that was powered by water. Farming tools, bric-a-brac belonging to local peasants and all necessary utensils for extracting oil are also on display here.

Afterwards you will walk towards Josés’ organic farm, where you can see the centenary Lechin olive trees planted by the Moors next to the youngest and most famous Andalusian Picual olive trees. Of course, you will get to taste some different olive oils as well, and in the olive season (October to March) you can also visit the modern olive mill, where the olive oil is obtained nowadays.

This olive tour will take about 3-4 hours, depending on your rythm, questions, and if you like to extend the excursion with an easy, short and beautiful walk out of the village of about 1 hour.

 The olive tour includes:

  • Entrance ancient olive oil mill (the money for the entrance will get to the foundation Zayas, to provide quality assistance to the elderly and other disadvantaged social groups, seeking their integration and social welfare, thus contributing to a fairer and more egalitarian society)
  • English speaking Guide José
  • Tasting of different ecoligical olive oils


Olive oil Tour (nearby Granada)


Nearby Granada our guide José will take you to an ancient olive oil mill, and his organic olive farm to see the old olive grooves, and learn all about olive oil. Includes entrance 15th century olive mill, guided visit of olive farm & olive oil tasting.

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