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“This vast view of mountains, valleys, villages and distant sea lay spread out like an illustration of the features of the world in a child’s geography book”

The English writer Gerald Brenan was perhaps Andalusia’s last romantic traveller, and ‘South from Granada’ is one of his best known works. It deals with the landscapes and way of life in and around the Alpujarra village that was his home: Yegen. In the spirit of the writer, and with the unmistakable backdrop of one of the region’s most emblematic villages, you will make a thoroughly active visit to this part of the Alpujarra. Located on the southeastern foothills of Sierra Nevada, below the San Juan peak (2,786m) and flanked by the Mecina and Valor rivers, Yegen is a high, peaceful village (at 1,000m) with mild weather. It lies between the provinces of Granada and Almería, enjoying spectacular views and allowing us to imagine the sea that lies hidden behind the Contraviesa mountains to the south. Here you will experience two or three days of true communion with the landscapes, peoples and trails of the Alpujarra.

Live the Journey: Alone, with family or friends, you have several options for beautiful hikes: longer ones, with wonderful views of the high Sierra, or shorter hikes packed with delightful spots amidst cultivated land and untouched landscapes that will let you get to know this village from every angle. Furthermore, your accommodation there will make you feel truly at home and you will sample delicious cooking with excellent wines from the region. There is also the chance to visit a ham curer in Mecina Bombarón, peruse the photographs of ‘El Dinamarca’, a devoted lover of this village for the last 50 years, and visit the house where Brenan slept when he first came to Yegen.

Yegen (0 km)

Yegen (0 km)

Arrival in Yegen: Stroll through its winding streets and alleys, admiring the traditional architecture of the Alpujarra. You can also head out of the village on one of the footpaths, visit the church or simply sit down in any corner that catches the late afternoon sun and read Brenan's "South from Granada"

Mecina-Bonbarón - Yegen (7 km)

Mecina-Bonbarón – Yegen (7 km)

A beautiful hike along the GR-7 trail between the 2 villages. Start to head down towards the river, passing the small hamlet El Golco with an impressive church. Then walk alopng the small footpath through an eroded landscape towards the next hamlet Montenegro, where you can visit the hermitage

From Montenegro you continue walking on an easy track up to Yegen, enjoying the views

Yegen, circular route (6-8 km)

Yegen, circular route (6-8 km)

You can do one of the small circular walks from the village or do them both! 1) Trail Walk of the Health (5 km) a walk which climbs to the Fountain of the Health and head back to Yegen through a beautiful gorge bordered by huge chestnut trees. 2) Brenan Trail (Sendero de Brenan): an agreeable stroll that was a favourite of the famous English writer, once resident of Yegen (it takes about 1,5 hours). Walking through olive and almond groves, and visiting the ancient fortress at Peñon del Fuerte, we enjoy views over a fairytale lunar landscape, to return to Yegen climbing along an old trail which ends at an interesting old fountain and wash-stone.

Yegen, fin

Yegen, fin

After breakfast this getaway come to an end.

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